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Social Rent

You look for a suitable tenant for every home. The income of that potential tenant plays an important role in this. Datakeeper helps with the appropriate allocation of a home. Reliable and fast.

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Prevent payment problems:
do the income check with Datakeeper

Manual income checks are time-consuming and error-prone

As a landlord, you ensure that households are allocated a home that matches their income. For this, you need to have the precise income data of the candidate tenants. With Datakeeper, you can easily request this. You will have verified income data in no time, directly from the source.

💡 Prevent payment problems and verify incomes. Use Datakeeper for a reliable check.
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Datakeeper is already connected to multiple platforms

Do you spend a lot of time on manual checks? Time that you would rather spend differently? With Datakeeper, you opt for a faster turnaround time and better service for your customers. Also, handy: Datakeeper is already linked to several platforms, such as the OSRE housing file.

💡 Save time and use the Datakeeper app for a better service towards your customers.
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Together we come to the best solution

Datakeeper offers various packages and customized products. This way, we can provide every customer with the best possible service. Do you only want to use the income check or also use the Datakeeper login? We are happy to help you put together the perfect product for your company.

💡 Choose customized service. Easily compose data requests with Datakeeper.

Products for social housing rental

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Get your customer's verified identity information quickly. Straight from the source for a secure identification process. Meer informatie ›
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KYC check
The principle of "know your customer" is becoming increasingly important. You can now do the Know Your Customer check (KYC) quickly, safely and easily with Datakeeper. Meer informatie ›

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Rent a car easily and safely with the Datakeeper app

Datakeeper: more speed and convenience
for every company


After sending the data request, users can easily collect the required documents, which the organization receives as one comprehensive package.


Our wallet provides access to data from institutions like the UWV, Tax Authorities, bank details, etc., and combines various steps such as identification and signing.

Data minimization

Only request the data that is necessary. For example, just a date of birth, without receiving the BSN from the passport.

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Real estate

As a landlord, you want to rent out your home to a reliable tenant. Datakeeper provides verified personal data to make the right choice.

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In this car rental industry you spend a lot of time preventing fraud and checking data. Datakeeper speeds up the identification process.

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