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Rent a car easily and safely with the Datakeeper app


Partnering Autohopper en Datakeeper.

Would you like to rent a car without physically handing over your ID and driver's license? You can with the Datakeeper Wallet! The successful pilot with Autopopper took place in October and November. We spoke to freelancer Arno Zijderveld (49 years old) about his experiences with using the app when renting a car.

Experiences with the Datakeeper app

The Datakeeper app was developed by Rabobank and ensures that consumers retain control over personal data and its exchange. Arno explains: “I regularly rent a car from Autohopper for business use. When I was asked to participate in the pilot with the Datakeeper app, I was immediately enthusiastic. An app that allows me to securely store and share my identification information on my phone, that's handy! By storing my data in the Datakeeper app, I also run less risk of losing my documents.”

Autohopper auto.
Autohopper is the no-nonsense car rental company in the Netherlands: clear prices and conditions.

Rent a car without worrying about your data

Arno: ''I am always reluctant to share my personal data, I prefer not to hand over my documents. Because I have control over the data I share with the Datakeeper app, this feels safe and familiar. Also because the Datakeeper app was introduced by Rabobank, I was willing to use the app. I am looking forward to the sequel and hope that I can use the app more and more often to store and exchange my personal data.”

“I am always reluctant to share my personal information.”
Arno Zijderveld (49 years old)

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