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Financial check

The financial check is the largest data package that Datakeeper offers. These types of checks must be done properly for the most sensitive processes. Think of the assessment of customers when taking out a mortgage, a rental agreement, a private lease contract or a consumer credit.

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Digitize and automate your financial checks

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Datarequest Request rental property
In addition to an ID, the customer also adds financial data from, for example, the UWV or the Tax Authorities.
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The customer retrieves the data from the affiliated sources, by logging in with DigiD or their own bank details.
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The customer only sends the requested data from each source.
Data minimization Only the necessary data is shared

Speed up the contract signing process

Faster turnaround time due to quick checks

Because you quickly receive the verified financial data from the customer with Datakeeper, you can make choices and decisions faster. In addition, the data you receive is maximally reliable. Thanks to the fast data check, the customer also knows where he stands sooner: you can move on to the contract signing process more quickly.

💡 With Datakeeper you make faster choices based on reliable source data.
Gegevens zijn gedeeld scherm op de Datakeeper app.

Automate the tenant verification process

It is almost impossible to make it clearer to your customers which information you need from them. With Datakeeper you can easily send a data request, after which the customer can load the data directly with the Datakeeper app. This is easy: Datakeeper indicates where your customer can get the data from. This way you spend less time on customer support and you have more time for other customer contact.

💡More time for targeted customer contact, because you spend less time on customer support.

Income test

Discover quickly and AVG-proof whether your customer meets a certain income requirement, without being able to view the actual income. Datakeeper can organize this by using zero-knowledge proofs to show that an income or other number meets a certain property, without disclosing the specific metric, such as a salary.

💡 Validated income with privacy-friendly and updated technology.
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Financial check

With Datakeeper's financial check you can retrieve the following data from your customers:

  • Passport, ID card and driver's license

  • Email address and phone number

  • IBAN and name of account holder

  • BRP or iDIN name, date of birth and address details

  • Employment history and wages of the UWV

  • Pension overview from My Pension Overview

  • Income from the tax authorities' income statement

  • Payment check on income and expenses of PSD2 data

  • Income, possessions, debts, property, WOZ, DUO student debt

  • Optional: liveness check and sign

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Applications of
Financial check

Real estate

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Allocate new-build rental properties with validated source data

As a landlord, you want to rent out your home to a reliable tenant. Datakeeper provides verified personal data to make the right choice.

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Social Rent

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Allocate rental properties with validated source data

You look for a suitable tenant for every home. Datakeeper helps with the appropriate allocation of a home.

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Prevent data misuse. Choose validated customer data. Safe, fast and easy.

You only pay for what you purchase.

Datakeeper provides customization. That is why we are happy to discuss with you which products are needed to be able to provide your service.

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Rent a car easily and safely with the Datakeeper app

Frequently asked questions

What do Rabobank and Datakeeper do to guarantee your privacy as a consumer?

Technical measures have been taken so that your data cannot be viewed by third parties without permission or used for something other than for which they are included in the Datakeeper app. Your data, including personal data, is stored and encrypted locally and securely on the phone. Only you can view your own data. In the privacy statement, we explain how we handle the processing of your personal data.

Are there any costs associated with using the Datakeeper app?

No. The Datakeeper app is free for consumers.

The Datakeeper App is unable to read my ID. How is this possible and what should I do now?

The phone may not support the use of NFC or the document may not be suitable for the Datakeeper App. Check the list of suitable devices by clicking on this link Is the document suitable, but adding is not possible? We recommend that you keep your ID as still as possible. You will have a better connection if you remove the case from your phone/ID. It is also important that you have enough light to scan your passport or take the photo. If it doesn't work, you will automatically be redirected to another flow to upload your ID by taking a photo of it.

Datakeeper: more speed and convenience for every company


After sending the data request, users can easily collect the required documents, which the organization receives as one comprehensive package.


Our wallet provides access to data from institutions like the UWV, Tax Authorities, bank details, etc., and combines various steps such as identification and signing.

Data minimization

Only request the data that is necessary. For example, just a date of birth, without receiving the BSN from the passport.

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