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What data do Rabobank and Datakeeper collect about you as a consumer and with whom is that data shared?

As a consumer, you always have control over your own personal data. You always decide for yourself what you want to share and with whom. You will receive an overview in the app of the data you need to provide. This way you keep an overview of what you share, with whom and for how long.

What do Rabobank and Datakeeper do to guarantee your privacy as a consumer?

Technical measures have been taken so that your data cannot be viewed by third parties without permission or used for something other than for which they are included in the Datakeeper app. Your data, including personal data, is stored and encrypted locally and securely on the phone. Only you can view your own data. In the privacy statement, we explain how we handle the processing of your personal data.


All my data is gone from my Datakeeper app, how is that possible?

The transition of Datakeeper from Rabobank to an independent organization marks a significant milestone, with our commitment to the highest standards of security and privacy remaining unchanged.

This transition has resulted in a change of accounts in the App Store, which, combined with stringent security measures, prevents the transfer of data from your private vault to the new version of the app. You can easily add your data to the new vault, while maintaining the integrity and security of your information.

If you have any further questions or concerns about this reset, please feel free to contact us at

Are there any costs associated with using the Datakeeper app?

No. The Datakeeper app is free for consumers.

As a self-employed professional, can I use Datakeeper?

Yes, you can still use Datakeeper. We utilize Datakeeper to verify your bank account number, your BRP (Dutch personal records database), and your identity.

Can I submit my documents manually?

The use of Datakeeper is often a requirement. Therefore, it is not possible to manually submit your documents unless they are additional to your Datakeeper session. If you experience any issues with Datakeeper, please contact the broker or the company that wants to receive your data.

Datakeeper indicates three banks with which they can verify my bank account number. However, I have an account with a different bank. What should I do?

No worries. Earlier in the process, you were asked a question about your bank account in your housing file. If you provided incorrect information and have an account with a different bank, please contact your rental agent. In that case, your registration for the house can be re-opened, so you can adjust your answers and get a new QR code.

Does Datakeeper show the most recent data?

Datakeeper retrieves information from reliable sources, such as UWV and the Tax Authority. From UWV, only the most recently received salary is shown. If there is a change in your work situation, for example, if you have a new job that does not appear in Datakeeper, please inform the broker.

How does it work?

With Datakeeper, you can securely collect your personal data from government websites where this information is already known. Datakeeper guides you through this process. You log in with your DigiD for most sources, or you can also scan the NFC chip on your identity document to retrieve your identity information.

After you have retrieved your data, you have the choice to send the collected information to the company that requested your data. You can view all the data in the summary of your data request and decide whether or not to forward the information. Then your data is stored in your Datakeeper app, where only you have access to it. This way, you always have your data at your fingertips.

If I logged in with my DigiD in the Datakeeper app, but the app keeps loading or freezes, what should I do?

Since January 30th, 2023, you must use the SMS verification for logging in. It is no longer possible to log in with only your DigiD username and password. Therefore, check if your SMS verification is enabled and request it via:

Is the use of Datakeeper safe?

Datakeeper is a powerful tool for securely managing and protecting your personal data. Built on two key principles, Datakeeper ensures that your information is safe and secure at all times.

  1. Firstly, Datakeeper meets the highest security standards, equivalent to those used by banks. The app does not store any information and as soon as you remove data from the app, it is immediately deleted from your phone.

  2. Secondly, with Datakeeper, you are controlling who receives your personal information. You decide who you share your data with, and have the ability to revoke access at any time.

With Datakeeper, you can have peace of mind knowing that your personal data is safe and secure, and that you have complete control over who has access to it.

What are the advantages of Datakeeper?

Datakeeper is a data wallet that allows you to collect your personal data directly from the source, which has many benefits.

  • Datakeeper maintains an overview of all your data requests, so you always know who you have shared your data with.

  • It saves you time, as you can collect all your data in one place without having to go through your paper records.

  • With Datakeeper, you never upload or send the wrong document because you know exactly what data is being requested.

  • You can reuse your data when renting a car or verifying your identity with Datakeeper.

What are the terms and conditions for using Datakeeper?

What do I need to be able to send a Datakeeper request?

To be able to send your data request in the Datakeeper app, you need your bank details, your DigiD username and password, and your identity document. Since January 30, 2023, DigiD requires SMS verification. Logging in with just your DigiD username and password is no longer possible. Therefore, check if you have SMS verification enabled and request it via:

Where are my data collected from?

Datakeeper guides you through multiple sources where financial information about you is available. Your identity and address information are also requested.

  1. Identity

You retrieve your identity information via the NFC chip in your passport or ID card. If the chip and scanning unexpectedly do not work, you will be directed to another screen where you can take photos of your identity document.

  1. Your bank

You retrieve your bank details such as your IBAN and name from your bank. You can easily do this by logging into your bank and selecting your IBAN. You can also retrieve your housing expense payment check from your bank, which is your paid fixed expenses of the past 12 months such as your rent, VVE or mortgage.

  1. Tax authorities

You retrieve your income statement from the tax authorities. This contains information about income from the previous year.

  1. UWV

At the Employee Insurance Agency (UWV), you can view your current salary. Your employer must report your earned amount every month, making this information available to you.


You can find all your pension information on All pension providers are obliged to make this information accessible to you.

  1. My Government

On the website, you can collect information from the source: the Basic Registration of Persons (BRP). The BRP contains a large number of details about yourself, such as your first and last name, your gender, and your address information.

Who is behind Datakeeper?

Rabobank's innovation department has developed this initiative. Rabobank is the cooperative Rabobank UA with its registered office at 3521 CB Utrecht, with its registered office in Amsterdam under Chamber of Commerce number: 30046259.

Who is Datakeeper?

Datakeeper is the data wallet for consumers to collect, securely store, and send data. The solution ensures that consumers can quickly and easily collect personal information and share it with their car rental company, real estate agent, bank, mortgage provider, credit provider, or other service provider.

Datakeeper is part of Rabobank.

Why do I have to use Datakeeper?

The company has chosen to have the data verified via Datakeeper because it is safe for both parties.


I am experiencing an error in the app, what should I do now?

Datakeeper depends on the sources from which the data is retrieved. If one of those sources is temporarily down due to technical work, for example, Datakeeper cannot retrieve your data. If you experience a glitch in the app, there are several steps you can take:

  1. Try closing the app and reopening it to see if that resolves the issue.

  2. Check if you have downloaded and installed the most recent version of the app. If not, try updating the app.

  3. Check if there is a known issue with the source you are using, such as the tax authority. Check the organization's website for information.

  4. If the issue persists, try taking a screenshot of the error message you receive and inform the broker or other company that requested your data.

  5. As a last resort, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Keep in mind that doing so will also remove all stored data in the app, so be sure to back up any important data before doing this.

I am getting a 999 error

A 999 error means that something went wrong in your in-app browser. It can happen, for example, when you enter your DigiD login details or your bank credentials incorrectly, as a result of which the process in the in-App browser in Datakeeper is closed. When this happens, feel free to try again and re-enter your login details.

I cannot open the Datakeeper app

Restart your device and try again. Doesn't this work? Check if your phone has the latest update. Isn't this the case? Install the update and try again.

The Datakeeper app does not load, I only see the conditions screen. How come?

Check if you have screen saver on on your phone. Screen savers ask for a code every time you use your phone or use touch or Face ID. This is not the same as the SIM code you enter when the phone has been switched off. The Datakeeper App only works in combination with screen savers, because the Datakeeper App meets high security requirements. We recommend that you set a PIN code for unlocking and install the Datakeeper App again.

The Datakeeper App is unable to read my ID. How is this possible and what should I do now?

The phone may not support the use of NFC or the document may not be suitable for the Datakeeper App. Check the list of suitable devices by clicking on this link Is the document suitable, but adding is not possible? We recommend that you keep your ID as still as possible. You will have a better connection if you remove the case from your phone/ID. It is also important that you have enough light to scan your passport or take the photo. If it doesn't work, you will automatically be redirected to another flow to upload your ID by taking a photo of it.

What to do when I have trouble scanning my passport/ID/driver's license in the Datakeeper app?

Follow these tips to ensure a successful scan:

  • Place your document on a flat surface with good lighting.

  • Check that the document is not creased or folded.

  • Keep your device steady while scanning.

  • If possible, try scanning the document in a different location with better lighting.

Having trouble with NFC scanning on an iPhone?

Try these steps:

  • Ensure your device is updated to the latest version of iOS.

  • Check in settings that NFC function is enabled on your device.

  • Hold the back of your phone against the NFC tag or chip.

If NFC scanning still isn't working after several attempts, you can cancel the process. After two cancellations, you'll have the option to click on the "skip reading" screen. This will allow you to manually upload your ID document.

To manually upload your ID document:

  • Try a few times. If NFC scanning still isn't working after several attempts, cancel the process.

  • After a few attempts, an alternative will be offered.

  • After two cancellations, click on the "skip reading" screen to manually upload your ID document.

  • Follow the instructions to take a clear photo of your document.

  • Wait for the app to verify and process the document.

If you're still having trouble uploading your ID document to the Datakeeper app, contact their customer service for further assistance. They can help you solve the problem and offer alternative solutions.

Why can't I use the DigiD app yet?

Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to log in to the Tax Authority, UWV, and My Government with the DigiD app. We are still working on a connection with the DigiD app.