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Your data
in one secure place

You decide with whom and when you share your data.
Keep it safe, keep it simple, keep it yours!

Jouw persoonlijke datakeeper.

New job? Mortgage request? Submitting your data has never been that easy.

Keep your data safe on your phone

Whether you want to move, start with a new employer or want to lease a car: some moments in life require you to provide a lot of personal information. Quite a hassle... and besides that, there are nicer things to do with your time.

💡 With Datakeeper you keep everything in one place. No hassle, and all your personal data conveniently in a row.
Data overzicht op de Datakeeper app.

Share your data securely, only with your permission

Via Datakeeper you share your data securely with the organization that processes your order or service. You can do this at any time, wherever you are. Scan the QR code to see what data the company asks from you. With one click the correct data is sent.

💡 With Datakeeper you know exactly which documents are requested from you and you never send too much.
Dataverzoek op de Datakeeper app.

Find out easily when you shared something and with whom

Datakeeper keeps the overview for you. In the app you can see at what time and with whom you have shared your data and which data has been sent exactly. This can be useful if you would prefer an organization to delete your data at a later stage.

💡 Always clarity about who has ever received your data. Datakeeper makes it transparent.
telefoon met verzonden gegevens.

These companies already handle
your data securely

Frequently asked questions

The Datakeeper App is unable to read my ID. How is this possible and what should I do now?

The phone may not support the use of NFC or the document may not be suitable for the Datakeeper App. Check the list of suitable devices by clicking on this link Is the document suitable, but adding is not possible? We recommend that you keep your ID as still as possible. You will have a better connection if you remove the case from your phone/ID. It is also important that you have enough light to scan your passport or take the photo. If it doesn't work, you will automatically be redirected to another flow to upload your ID by taking a photo of it.

What data do Rabobank and Datakeeper collect about you as a consumer and with whom is that data shared?

As a consumer, you always have control over your own personal data. You always decide for yourself what you want to share and with whom. You will receive an overview in the app of the data you need to provide. This way you keep an overview of what you share, with whom and for how long.

A safe, fast and easy way to store
and exchange your data?
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