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KYC check

The principle of "know your customer" is becoming increasingly important. Today it is even mandatory for companies in certain sectors, such as financial institutions. You can now do the Know Your Customer check (KYC) quickly, safely and easily with Datakeeper.

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KYC checks
safe and easy

Datarequest KYC check
In addition to an ID, the customer adds extra information, such as IBAN, BRP, e-mail and telephone number.
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The customer retrieves the data from the affiliated sources, by logging in at a bank and at DigiD or iDIN.
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The customer only sends the requested data from each source.
Data minimization Only the necessary data is shared

KYC checks easy and secure

GDPR-proof with data minimization

With Datakeeper you can therefore easily send out a data request. Tailor-made, with only the KYC data you need. All data requests are customizable. For example, do you only want to request the date of birth and name from the proof of identity? Which can!

💡 With Datakeeper you work AVG-proof because you only request the necessary data for a service.
Dataminimalisatie van leeftijd voorbeeld.

PSD2 and iDIN integration

Datakeeper uses the latest and most secure technologies, such as the link with PSD2 to retrieve IBAN data from various banks. iDIN can also be used to retrieve customer identity data via their bank. As an organization, you do not have access to financial data, such as balance and payment details, via iDIN.

💡Validated bank details with the latest and most user-friendly technology.
Bankrekening toevoegen in de Datakeeper app.

Reliable, Recognizable Sources

With Datakeeper, your customers can collect and share personal data from multiple data sources, such as government agencies and banks. Your customer logs in with DigiD and easily retrieves the Basic Registration of Persons. Datakeeper then ensures that only the necessary data is shared, such as an address.

💡 Reliable data sources from trusted authorities, such as the government and banks.
BRP van MijnOverheid met de Datakeeper app.

KYC check

With Datakeeper's KYC check you can retrieve the following data from your customers:

  • Full passport, ID card and driver's license details

  • Email address and phone number

  • IBAN and name of account holder

  • BRP or iDIN name, date of birth and address details

  • Optional: liveness check and sign

KYC-onboarding check op Datakeeper app.
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Applications of


Auto icoon.
Rent a car easily and securely with ID verification

In this car rental industry you spend a lot of time preventing fraud and checking data. Datakeeper speeds up the identification process.

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Social Rent

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Allocate rental properties with validated source data

You look for a suitable tenant for every home. Datakeeper helps with the appropriate allocation of a home.

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Real estate

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Allocate new-build rental properties with validated source data

As a landlord, you want to rent out your home to a reliable tenant. Datakeeper provides verified personal data to make the right choice.

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Prevent data misuse. Choose validated customer data. Safe, fast and easy.

You only pay for what you purchase.

Datakeeper provides customization. That is why we are happy to discuss with you which products are needed to be able to provide your service.

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Rent a car easily and safely with the Datakeeper app

Frequently asked questions

I am getting a 999 error

A 999 error means that something went wrong in your in-app browser. It can happen, for example, when you enter your DigiD login details or your bank credentials incorrectly, as a result of which the process in the in-App browser in Datakeeper is closed. When this happens, feel free to try again and re-enter your login details.

Datakeeper: more speed and convenience for every company


After sending the data request, users can easily collect the required documents, which the organization receives as one comprehensive package.


Our wallet provides access to data from institutions like the UWV, Tax Authorities, bank details, etc., and combines various steps such as identification and signing.

Data minimization

Only request the data that is necessary. For example, just a date of birth, without receiving the BSN from the passport.

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