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Receive reliable data clearly and quickly

With the Datakeeper app, your customers can quickly, easily and securely share exactly the personal data you need from them.

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Een vrouw die blij naar telefoon kijkt.

A safe, fast and reliable way to exchange data

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After sending the data request, users can easily collect the required documents, which the organization receives as one comprehensive package.


Our wallet provides access to data from institutions like the UWV, Tax Authorities, bank details, etc., and combines various steps such as identification and signing.

Data minimization

Only request the data that is necessary. For example, just a date of birth, without receiving the BSN from the passport.

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Fast, strong customer verification at any time

Offer your customers a secure way to show who they are and what data is theirs. Our Datakeeper app can be integrated into your own platform, safe and trusted for your customer.


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Rent a car easily and safely with the Datakeeper app