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Privacy. That's Datakeeper.

The protection of your privacy is a fundamental human right. That is why it is one of our core values. We design our products and services to protect your privacy. Datakeeper is new, secure and puts you back in control. The app protects your data and makes managing your personal data clear.

Datakeeper puts your privacy first.
At all times.

Not in the cloud, only on your phone.

Data you add in Datakeeper is not stored anywhere else than on your own phone. When you add your details in a data request, all the details of a document are stored on your phone. You can easily find them this way and share them again, with another company, when needed. You can also choose to delete the data directly from your phone at any time.

Wolk icoon en datakeeper app.

Always a clear overview. You know what happens to your data.

Datakeeper keeps track of exactly who you share what data with and what data you have stored on your phone. You can easily use this information, even if you want to have your data removed from a company, via a deletion request.

💡 Always clear in your app when you have shared which data with whom.
Overzichtspagina van de datakeeper app.

You only send your minimal data for a request or service.

Datakeeper follows the minimization principle of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We ask our partners to collect only the information that is essential for their services through Datakeeper. This means that you as a company are automatically GDPR-proof and you as a customer are protected against oversharing.

💡 Datakeeper helps you to share only your minimal data with companies.
Dataminimalisatie van leeftijd voorbeeld.

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Datakeeper ensures that you or your colleagues receive exactly the right data from your customer.