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Over ons

We are in the business of trust.

Trust is the cornerstone of society. It enables relationships, it fosters cooperation, it fuels progress. When trust thrives, society prospers. And we have a great opportunity to enable trust and make serious positive impact.

Consumers, businesses and society as a whole can benefit tremendously when easy and privacy friendly sharing of Digital ID credentials is made available for everybody. Consumers win control and ownership, leading to better experiences in the organisations they engage with. For organisations, having a validated Digital ID saves time, enables efficient collaboration and builds trust.

To get there, consumers and organisations need a solution that is recognised and trusted by consumers. An independent solution, trusted and used by organisations in any vertical, offering them ease of use and efficiency wins, no matter their specific needs and technical challenges. Our goal is to make Datakeeper the leading Dutch standard for easy and safe sharing of DigitalID data.



Our key beliefs

1. Control breeds trust

We put users in control, provide transparency and seek explicit permission.

2. Seamlessness breeds adoption

We are broadly available and adapt our solution to the context of the use case.
We are straightforward, make life easier and improve efficiency.

3. Decentralisation breeds safety

We are independent, compatible with any type of organisation or use case and use Self-Sovereign Identity protocols and technology to deliver safety.

Our mission:

Becoming the crossindustry standard for easy, safe & privacy friendly Digital-ID use between consumers and organisations.

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